INTERNET SECURITY: Two Texas parents say they woke up this past weekend to hear a stranger’s voice coming from the room of their 2-year-old girl.


We’ve seen some incredible news reports of security breaches in recent weeks:

Baby monitor hack shows danger of default passwords

Hacked Baby Monitor Caught Spying On 2-Year-Old Girl In Texas 

FTC settles with Trendnet after ‘hundreds’ of home security cameras were hacked

Holy Crap! Did you read this?

Two Texas parents say they woke up this past weekend to hear a stranger’s voice coming from the room of their 2-year-old girl.  

Security is a factor with nearly everything from our computers, to our cell phones. Your wireless router is at the forefront of wireless security at home, or office.

One of the first settings to change is the default password that by default will be set up on your router. If unchanged someone connected to your network can login to your router and have control over all of your settings.

The second setting change suggested is to set up wireless protection. Most routers will have an option of WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). This form of protection would require someone to provide a password when connecting. You can set this password as you like; much like your computer password, or for a website.

Why is this necessary?

  • Keep people from using your connection. This includes downloading illegal content, and slowing down your connection.
  • Stop people from accessing any camera’s/monitoring systems you may have set up. For example, a wireless camera set up as a baby monitor, or security cam watching you and your family.
  • Accessing files on your computer, or other device. This includes planting bugs in your computer that could monitor information you enter (example: passwords, credit card numbers)

These are some quick and simple settings to change that can go a long way to protecting you, your family, and your data. If you’d like assistance with internet security at your home or business, please contact us.

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